What is PrestaShop

If you’re looking to start an online store, look no further. PrestaShop is a free and open source shopping cart platform powering more than 185,000 active online stores in more than 180 countries. PrestaShop’s software is lightweight, fast and extremely flexible. With an intuitive Back Office, unmatched SEO tools and complete control over content and functionality, PrestaShop provides everything you need to start a successful online store today! PrestaShop comes equipped with more than 310 advanced features designed to suit the needs of online businesses both large and small.

PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce solution that is, and always will be, 100 percent free to use.  No commission. No monthly fees. No restrictions. E-commerce is one of the fastest growing and most profitable industries in the world. E-commerce is short for electronic commerce and refers to transferring and/or facilitating business while connected to the Internet. E-commerce encompasses online shopping, electronic payments and internet banking. PrestaShop is an easy, fast and free e-commerce solution that allows you to start an online store today!

PrestaShop is open source software. Open source means that PrestaShop’s code is not only free, it’s made public for anyone to see and edit. Sharing tools like GitHub provide an excellent resource for Community contributions, and we encourage your support so we can continue to build the world’s best e-commerce software together.

PrestaShop Demo Site

You can demo PrestaShop by clicking here! You can also view hundreds of real online stores using PrestaShop by visiting Showcase. Furthermore, if you would like to read a few PrestaShop success stories, check out the latest in the blog.


  • Catalog Management
  • Checkout
  • Client Account
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Product Displays
  • Shipping
  • Site Management
  • SEO
  • Marketing
  • Localisation/Taxes
  • Payments
  • Security


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