Enterprises are regularly in the need to collect market intelligence and customer reviews and opinions to upgrade and review their products and services. Zoho Survey is a tool which allows creating surveys to collect and analyze data as well as preparing results in the form of reports and that too in a quick manner.
Zoho Survey tool lets you create unlimited number of surveys in attractive templates which can be customized for the organization’s branding requirement and all that at a very affordable price.

Zoho survey offers various attractive features and has a user friendly and responsive interface and works on different operating systems equally well:

  • Create your own customized template or chose from the collection of numerous templates from the Zoho Survey
  • The survey editor in Zoho Survey lets you create, add, edit or revise the survey questionnaire. Chose from over 15 question types, as multiple choice, ratings, scales, text box, etc. are there to choose from, making preparing an intelligent, all comprehensive questionnaire possible.
  • Zoho survey lets you add logic to your questionnaire, so based on the choice made by respondent; the survey may skip to the next logical question.
  • Zoho survey lets you create questionnaires in multiple languages depending upon your target audience.
  • Zoho lets your questionnaire view supported in different screen modes, e.g. mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Customizing your questionnaire to representing the branding details as logo, office address etc, is simple to add in the header of the survey page. Not only this, survey themes can also be customized to select the preferred color, font type and size for questions and options, etc.
  • You can export your survey results to PDF reports and Zoho Survey will help you analyze the results as well

How does Oscillosoft Consulting help you?

We at Oscillosoft have several Zoho experts whose area of expertise lie in providing customized service solutions to businesses. We provide support to your customer and market data needs by assisting you creating the right Zoho surveys for you and bring the assessment of the results to your table.

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