Yum! Brands is focused on driving aggressive international expansion and building strong brands everywhere. Yum! Restaurants International (YRI) is a powerful global growth engine for Yum! Brands, with nearly 14,500 restaurants outside the U.S. and China Division in over 117 countries

YRI’s demonstrated track record of growth and expansion of the KFC and Pizza Hut brands around the world has been a large part of our success. YRI is a diverse, high-return business, with $673 million in operating profits in 2011 and 905 new restaurant openings. 2011 was YRI’s eleventh year of opening more than 700 new restaurants outside of the U.S. and China. They have strong local teams around the world with established supply chains and have more than 1,000 international franchisees. Our franchise and joint-venture partners are driving growth by opening a vast majority of our new international restaurants

Our international business is one of the key factors that make us truly unique in the restaurant industry. New unit development, specifically in emerging markets such as Russia, Africa, Vietnam and others, is what sets Yum! apart and is positioning YRI for many successful years into the future. YRI continues to capitalize on explosive emerging market growth on a level that is unmatched by competitors. They expect our category-leading position in emerging markets to fuel continued strong growth. They are also excited about our opportunities in developed markets such as France and Germany. In fact, France enjoys the highest unit volumes of any KFC business in the world. With our exciting opportunities in both emerging and developed markets, They believe They are well positioned for growth for many years to come.

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