Mercy Mission has been founded to create opportunities for all Muslim men and women to play a role in shining the light of Islam across the world. They have a growing portfolio, empowering over 25,000 people across five continents, to actively do this and demonstrate the beauty of Islam through knowledge and action..

Little can explain the journey that was – the forming of the idea behind the Mercy Mission movement. Today the Muslim community worldwide is plagued with such challenges that a Muslim is frequently overwhelmed by it. However, there can be no courage without fear. With a desire to overcome that fear for our generation and that of the next, I embarked on a mission to understand the real purpose of our existence in the 21st century and in the process to give myself value and purpose. It started as a search for purpose and continues today as a relentless pursuit of a noble vision – “To achieve a world where every Muslim can live faithfully to their belief, building exemplary Islamic communities that benefit humanity”. Beginning in Australia and spreading across the globe, starting with education and ending with action – the movement began in Sydney, Australia, spreading to the UK, South Africa, India, Canada, Malaysia and now the United States. The exercise would have been futile had it not been for the great people that joined us. Wherever I took the message of this vision, the best of people joined the movement. Until today, this team consists of what I believe are some of the most dedicated, deeply passionate, charismatic team members that any such entity has seen. Driven by a sense of purpose, tied together by common values and principles and focused by a clear noble vision, the team behind the movement offers a tremendous service to the Ummah through its impact driven programs and projects.

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